Lucie Blush à propos du clip Mescaline IV sur We Love Good Sex

Lucie Blush à propos du clip Mescaline IV sur We Love Good Sex, mai 2014.

I freaking love music. It inspires me every day and gives me millions of hot ideas to make into real projects. This video for Shepard – Electrosoft in Public Garden‘s new album There Is No Color was made by French artist Rock Brenner and his production company Yip/Jump Films. It’s not a big production, but I love the DIY style and the result is a dark, awesomely sexy and intense film.

Shepard’s There Is No Color

The song, Mescaline IV, is very hot and the simple images but meticulous video edition totally fit the intensity of the song. I love the contrast between the guy – Rock himself if I’m not mistaken – walking up the mountain and the red and blue of the erotic scenes, starring Adèle Masson and Jordane Rouyer.

If you’re in the mood for a hot night out or passionate sex session with your sex friend, this video will definitely put you in the mood.

I’ve been looking at the Yip/Jump Films website and it’s very cool and blunt, I really identify with Rock’s style which basically is “Fuck it, I’ll do it myself”. It’s not perfect, but it’s got some soul.


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